Improving Your Home Ventilation

There’s nothing that will put you off faster than a damp smelling home. In fact, it will make you want to spend more time outside of it than in it. If you are reading this, then it probably means that you are in such a situation and you are tired of it. Before we look at simple ways in which you can improve your home ventilation, it is important that you understand just how badly a poorly ventilated room can affect you.

Effects Of Poor Ventilation

  • Headaches
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Drowsiness
  • Infections
  • Sense of claustrophobia
  • Feeling of stuffiness

Those are just a few of the effects that you could experience as a result of poor ventilation.

Improving Ventilation In Your Home

Now that you know how much those closed windows have been affecting you, here are some ways you can improve ventilation in your home:

1. Open Your Windows

If you can, and if your house allows it, open two windows in two different directions. What this does is that it creates a cross-section flow of air. As air is coming in from one direction, the opposite window lets its flow out. This means that you will constantly have a flow of fresh air.

2. Install Fans

If you do not have fans, it would be a great idea to install them in every room. Choose fans that come with different speeds that allow you to toggle with the settings depending on the amount of air you need at that particular moment. You also have the option of buying a portable fan that you can move with you to different rooms, although this may become tedious.

3. Open Your Kitchen Windows

As much as you loved the smell of last night’s grilled turkey, you will not like the combination it makes with the smell of your morning coffee. The spices you put in food and the variety of other ingredients in your kitchen tend to leave behind very strong smells. If there is no proper ventilation you risk your kitchen smelling like an overly stuffy spices store.

4. Switch Off Your Air-Conditioning From Time To Time

You may be tempted to keep your air-conditioning running throughout but in addition to increasing your energy bills, you are also affecting your health. Switch off your air-conditioning once in a while and enjoy fresh air from outside.

5. Use A Fan In Your Bathroom

Who would have thought that you could use a fan in your bathroom? But did you know that all the extra humidity creates a conducive environment for germs to thrive. The air in your bathroom can also quickly become stale. After a bath switch on your fan to let some fresh dry air circulate.

6. Ventilate Even When It’s Cold

I know this particular piece of advice may not sit well with you, but it is important that you let in some air during winter, even if it is for ten minutes. That short time will make a difference.